The Portage Terriers put out a notice to the community Monday evening asking for more billet families to come forward for the current season.

Melinda Deschouwer, the Portage Terriers billet coordinator, says that the start of the season is always challenging.

"Every year, it's a struggle to get enough homes for the players, and it varies from year to year how many we need."

Deschouwer, who is a billet parent herself, says the experience is a fulfilling one.

"We've got long-lasting relationships with the parents and the boys. This is our 19th year of doing it, and we started off billeting a boy from close to where we grew up," continues Deschouwer. "We have four at our house right now. Overall, it's a rewarding experience."

Deschouwer adds that a crucial part of being a billet parent is welcoming the player to the family as if they are a family member.

To contact the Terriers about becoming a billet, reach them at 204-857-9122 or 204-870-3097.

"We're hosting the national Junior Championships. So you know, as a billet parent, you will be part of a wonderful and exciting year," notes Deschouwer.