Safe to say this is one of the only times terriers and fleas go together.

The Portage Terriers Ladies Auxiliary 2023 Flea Market was held at the MNP Exhibition building on October 15th, with vendors selling a variety of items, ranging from vintage glassware to farmyard signs, stuffed toys, and more. President Pam Stinson says there were more vendors this year, coming from all over Manitoba.

"Debbie Henry (who runs the flea market) said we had 72 to 74 vendors looking, with a maximum of 50 (spots available) and last year we only had 60," notes Stinson. "The vendors are coming back; we just need to attract the shoppers."

She adds that, while the market was never empty, it was quieter than the previous markets, with attendance hovering around 350 people. Stinson says in previous years, they would have around 500 people at the market.

"The door price goes straight to the Ladies Auxiliary," explains Stinson. "We use that to buy the boys tracksuits and any warm-up gear that we can for the year."

Stinson says a number of Terriers attended to help with the setup and teardown of the Flea Market, which she really appreciates.

She hopes to continue supporting the Terriers through the Flea Market for years to come.

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