The Liberal Government will be implementing some tax changes in the near future, and small business owners may take a hit because of it. Candice Bergen is the MP for Portage-Lisgar and says employees at these businesses might also be affected.

"It's average people. It's people working at a retail store, it's people who maybe own a small mechanic shop," says Bergen. "That's who (Justin) Trudeau's coming after -- the middle class. The very people he was going to help, he is taxing them."

Bergen adds they asked the government to extend the consultation period to January, but they declined. Bergen says there's been no legislation tabled yet, and the Liberals haven't told them exactly what the taxes will look like. If you have any questions regarding the tax changes, she urges you to attend a town hall meeting in Winnipeg tonight. It's being held at Canad Inns on Pembina highway and start's at 7 o'clock,