Another Remembrance Day has come and gone. That said, the Portage and the surrounding area again showed that they are thankful for the sacrifices the past and present military members have made and continue to make. 

Major Terry Henry, the J35 operations and plans officer at the Regional Cadet Support Unit Northwest 17 Wing Winnipeg, was commanding the parade held at Stride Place on Remembrance Day and said that having the community's support means a lot to him.

"It means a lot to the veterans in our community. It just demonstrates that there's a purpose bigger than ourselves when they come out and recognize the sacrifice made by those who have served, who have passed well serving this country and those who continue to serve the country."

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #65 members were also thankful for the support. President Lynn Payette says that they had an abundance of people come out. She continues to be grateful to be able to use the area for the area.

"We used to have this ceremony at one of the local schools, and we outgrew it, and it is so good that Stride has offered this place for us and to see the stands so complete. We're coming back from COVID. People were a little leery about returning, but today, we had an excellent crowd out there."

Many dignitaries were in attendance, and Mayor Sharilyn Knox talked about how amazing it is to see all of the military members in attendance, which she hopes helps Portagers understand something we learn at a very young age. 

"We often talk about previous conflicts and war. Still, when you see people standing here who have chosen to serve our country, it just puts it into perspective that things happening worldwide affect us all. We're grateful to have this representation here with Southport having the training school."


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