The Critical Care on the Air Radiothon in support of STARS is underway, raising money to help Manitobans when they need it the most.

Andrea Robertson is the President and CEO of STARS. She explains the history of the organization. "It was created back in 1985, so we're in our 37th year of operations. Back in 2009 and 2011, we were having flooding problems in Manitoba. The province determined at that time they needed air support, so we were brought in. There were a couple of very interesting cases where we saved a few lives including children. It was recognized by the province that it was a service (Manitobans) needed. We reach difficult places, rural and remote."

It has been 10 years since STARS made its way to Manitoba and Robertson says it has been an amazing run. "Five thousand people later, here we are. I always say when you lift one patient, you're touching ten others. From family to neighbours to those in your workplace, we only go when it's a matter of what we call life or limb. Everybody can be impacted by that one person needing support. For us, it's a complete privilege to serve Manitobans and 5000 people later, we feel we've made a huge impact."

When it comes to leading a life-saving organization, Robertson is quick to praise those around her. "It's a privilege to work with the very best in the field. They've dedicated their lives and careers to critical care and medicine. From the best in aviation and engineering to the best in fundraising. To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with people that are just there to make a difference, it's a privilege."

All the money raised during the Critical Care on the Air Radiothon for STARS will be staying in Manitoba to help Manitobans.

Robertson has a message for those who are thinking about giving to the organization. "When we get a donation, it goes right into what we do each and every single day. We have unbelievable supporters from across the whole province. We want them to know their dollars are going to help the people of Manitoba. Every single penny matters to us and trust us, we will spend it very wisely."

To donate or learn more about STARS click HERE.