The Reeve of the RM of St. François Xavier continues to look ahead to 2023. Delmer Nott is a long-time resident of the community and even served two terms as a councillor in the 1980s. He came back for the previous two terms and was elected to the position of Reeve in October.

We recently chatted with Reeve Nott about the biggest issues he is looking at for the upcoming year and getting Highway 26 fixed and upgraded is the number one priority. However, it is not the only priority. 

"We are constantly working on our policies and bylaws and we need to continue on that and we have a couple really nice subdivisions on the go right now and we'll continue to work with them to completion."

Reeve Nott notes they are well prepared to handle even more.

"Hopefully, we'll be in a position going forward to attract more of them and more business, because we are a great location," says Reeve Nott. "We have a great team to work with, so, that will be another strategy that we'll be looking at doing, as well."