As the City of Portage la Prairie announced their recipients for the 2024 Community Grants, the community of Southport is grateful to receive a boost for the Manitoba Air Show.

The City announced as part of Budget 2024 that 21 organizations would be given a portion of the Community Grants. Southport Aerospace has been announced as one of the recipients and will receive $10,000 to ensure the Manitoba Air Show is successful.

Chief Executive Director at Southport Aerospace Peggy May says this year's edition is unique, coinciding with the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) 100th anniversary.

"We think it's just amazing. It's very exciting for us to be able to include all of our local supporters in the Manitoba Air Show," notes May. "All of the funds raised are going to be going to local charities as well as military charities."

May adds that the process of requesting this grant took about a year. In addition to booking the talent for the shows, they also have to worry about renting things like tents, tables, staging, lighting, and sound systems. 

On top of the numerous acts that will be taking to the sky, they'll also be keeping some on the ground for those who want a closer look at the planes.

"As part of the RCAF's 100th anniversary, we're restoring a Beechcraft Model 18 Expeditor Plane," says May. "It was flown as part of the training aircraft here at Southport from 1952 to 1970."

The Manitoba Air Show will be taking place August 3-4.