A groundbreaking took place in Southport Aerospace Thursday afternoon for its new Administrative Building. CEO Peggy May was sky-high with excitement, and shares the event.

"We've been growing and expanding over the last many years, but recently, our office has just become so overcrowded," notes May. "We went ahead and looked at a design for a new build, so that we could expand our operations. We hired F Block as our architect. And today, we broke ground on our new building, which is so exciting."

She explains it will be state-of-the-art, environmental, sustainable, and setting an example for all the future buildings to come on their site. 

Peggy MayPeggy May

"It will be the first thing you see when you pull into Southport," adds May. "The old building has already got a potentiative lease on it for new development and businesses. We're very excited about that, too, just to have new people on our site. We don't have any current buildings to lease right now. We're kind of full, so new buildings and new growth is what we're looking at."

May says the building will be 14,000 square feet. She notes they planned to start breaking ground in September, and they're there.

"There'll be a lot more places to meet, a lot more flexible spaces for our staff, as we've grown and learned what we need. Certain groups need more time together or they need a marketing area to showcase things on the wall,  or the facilities team needs to look at maps and drawings. We built in lots of flex spaces into this building. There'll be event space in it and it will be connected to our interpretive area and park outside. There'll be lots of opportunities for staff to mingle in and out."

May adds $12 million is what they've projected for the price and they expect to be the completed facility this by fall 2024.

Check out a 3d view of the west facade at this link.

The building will be situated where the plane is currently positioned by the community sign.


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