Just before noon Friday, March 15, the 'Simplot People Helping People Radiothon' by Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) has already reached a dollar figure that's over last year's final amount of $75,000 on this last stretch of the effort.

You can help make a huge difference! This year's goal is $100,000. We're now at $93,753 (3:15 p.m., Friday)!!



You may not realize how much this funding provided by the Radiothon is so appreciated by Portagers, especially by those who've had to utilize it during their battles with cancer.

Pam Stinson's a local teacher for more than 30 years and has been on a 6-year cancer journey that now has a positive outlook.

"Central Plains Cancer Services has been invaluable to me through the ups and downs. They are fantastic. I have utilized a few of the programs including the drivers program. You can't say enough about that. I have a big support system and still needed to use it. The treatments were intense. For the patient, it is only $30 for a door-to-door ride. The rest is funded by donations. So why not donate $30 if you can? I challenge all my friends and co-workers to do that."

Brian Mooney, another cancer survivor, also utilized some of the services available.

"It's tough to describe how you feel when you are told you have cancer. And then sharing that information with your family. I am fortunate that I had plenty of people to help me along the way including CPCS. I can't imagine how someone would deal with cancer if they didn't have the support I have. But they do. It's Central Plains Cancer Services."

Colin Wilcox was an original board member and still sits on the board 25 years later

"It's always been important to me to have an office in Portage that supports the people that live in this area. All the money pledged stays here and helps people in the Central Plains. More than 70 communities. I have a soft spot for the young kids. It's heartbreaking when one is diagnosed with cancer. The kids programs are close to my heart."

You can find more information and make a donation, by clicking here at any time of the day or night!