As the provincial government hopes to allow seniors to live independently for longer, Service for Seniors Portage la Prairie is glad to see them improve the quality of living for those needing additional accessibility.

The Manitoba Government has announced they're accepting applications for their Safe and Healthy Home for Seniors program. The program allows applicants aged 65 and older to apply for a grant every three years, with a lifetime maximum of $15,000. The funding can go toward projects that increase safety or accessibility within the home.

Service for Seniors Chairperson Joyce Dalmyn says the provincial government stepping in and helping the elderly is an excellent decision.

"It's something completely out of our scope," explains Dalmyn when asked if this is something that Service for Seniors previously did. "However, certainly they have set up an excellent program because they've already partnered with March of Dimes, who've been assisting people with disabilities to modify their homes for decades."

Senior Resource Coordinator Kaylee Hannah says their services focus on providing food and transportation for seniors who need it, so this additional program will continue to help seniors stay in their homes.

"We also have a Fee for Service list, which are individuals who provide services like house cleaning, yard work, different types of jobs like that," notes Hannah. "We vet them from our organization. We do reference checks and criminal record checks so they're safe to refer to seniors who may need services."

The Safe and Healthy Home for Seniors Program is worth $1.5 million.