The City of Portage la Prairie is seeing Saskatchewan Avenue West construction wrap up for the season, with preparations being made to finish the three-year project next year.

Pylons have been removed, and lanes have been reopened for most of the avenue. Portage Mayor Sharilyn Knox says construction crews have been finalizing their work for the season.

"We know we had some side streets that were pretty rough, and they (construction crews) are trying to get those ready for the winter. We had that weird weather of freeze and thaw, making it difficult, and those potholes raised their ugly heads."

With most side streets once again being easily accessible, so are the businesses surrounding them; Knox says that she has been in constant contact with the business community and knows that having more accessible storefronts means a lot to them.

"Most of them are really excited because they can see the end in sight and that they know that in 2024, the project will be done."

Knox notes that Avenue West construction will commence again around the May long weekend and finalize the project by this time next year. 

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