Portage la Prairie is going to be getting festive for the 2023 Rotary Santa Claus Parade of Lights on December 1st. 

According to Portage Rotary Club Public Relations Director Preston Meier, the Parade will be taking place on Saskatchewan Avenue again this year, starting at 7:30 p.m. on the corner of 17th Street.

"As it has in years gone past, you'll go completely east all the way down Saskatchewan Avenue and then turn south at 9th St. SE there. Then it will finish up where the where the hospital is now."

Meier says that anyone who wants to register a float in the Parade can do so for free. 

"We just ask that you send a note to plprotaryclub@gmail.com and we'll get you up to speed on any notices or any changes or anything like that that happens."

File Photo.Portage Rotary Club Public Relations Director Preston Meier.

Community engagement is a massive part of the Parade, and Meier explains that the Rotary Club wants to encourage the community to participate, whether it's having a float in the Parade or coming out and celebrating from the Street.

"Come out and watch it! Invite your friends and family, even invite your enemies," jokes Meier. "Invite your friends and family and line up on the avenue." 

Meier notes that this is the 10th year the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with the Rotary Club to put on the Parade.

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