With food security being an issue for some, the Salvation Army is proud to see the community help out.

Major Brenda Hammond says seeing drives such as the Portage Regional Library's Food for Fines warms her heart. She mentions everybody wins in a drive like this.

"The win-win piece is that people don't actually have to pay their fines," explains Hammond. "So, the library gets back books and then we get donations."

Food for Fines collected 44 food items that the Salvation Army will be able to add to its food banks.

Thanks to the support from the people of Portage, as well as the Collingwood Blues, who were here for the Centennial Cup, the Salvation Army has already fed over 300 families this month. Hammond says, in April, they fed 273 families, which was higher than normal.

"I think the secret is having everyone come together," notes Hammond. "As we work together, we can figure stuff out like this and then everybody benefits."

Looking ahead, Hammond says there are a few PCI students who are hoping to put together a food drive for the Salvation Army. That, combined with the usual donations from farmers once harvest rolls around, will allow the organization to strive toward making food available for those in need.