The Portage Collegiate Saints are eliminated from playoff contention. PCI battled hard in Game 2 of their first-round series but ended up falling 3-1 to the Dakota Lancers.

Dakota scored all three of their goals in the first but the Saints were able to win the next 40 minutes, despite not coming away with the win. Tillie Botterill scored the lone goal and ended the year with four points.

Head coach Jo-Anne Clark-Gillespie says this team had a tremendous work ethic all season.

"They never quit. It didn't matter what the score was or what our record was, practices were at a good intensity, and so were games," Clark-Gillespie continues. "These girls are busy, and they work around their schedules to be here as much as they can. Their commitment, hard work, and dedication to the program is so appreciated. We couldn't have asked for a better group of girls."

While the Saints may not have had as many wins as the program is used to, the head coach believes the girls will cherish the moments in the locker room and in practice.

"They're not going to remember the wins and losses. They're going to remember the bus rides, suppers we've had, the team functions, and funny things that happened on the ice and on the bench," Clark-Gillespie explains. "It's not about winning. It can't be about winning because this is high school sports. This is about creating good people through athletics, and that's what our goal is at PCI, helping these kids be good people, not just good at the sport."

Clark-Gillespie says it's sad that she won't get to coach the Grade 12s again, however, the coaching staff is very excited for next season.

"We've been talking about this all season. Our goal in two years from now we want to be back in division 2. This was the first time ever, in 16 years, that we've been in division 3, and that was the spot we needed to be. I can see us being a stronger division 3 team next year, and then the following season, we need to be back in division 2. If these girls stick with us and show the new girls coming in what's expected when you're a Saints' hockey player, we have a very bright future."

The head coach is already telling the girls to be ready for September 11, when they will start to prepare for the next season.