The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Camp sparked friendships that the campers never thought they'd have.

The camp took place near Clear Lake, Manitoba, with the junior group attending from July 31 - August 5, and the senior group attending from August 7 - August 12. Of the Portagers that attended the camp, Noah Peto, Xavier Knight, and Oliver Bures attended the Portage la Prairie Rotary Club meeting on August 22nd to share their experiences.

"My favourite part about the week was, we were split up into colour teams," explains Peto. "Getting close with them, building a team mentality, and working together through different challenges was great."

He mentions that he's still friends with a lot of his former campmates. He urges, that while it may not seem like your cup of tea at first, it can lead to some amazing memories.

"The first year I went, I wasn't too keen on it either," notes Peto. "I ended up going and, God, do I not regret it. It was a great experience, made a lot of friends. There was never a dull moment."

Campers consisted of youth from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and part of Ontario.

Bures says slowly getting to know the campers, and having their relationships shift from strangers to some of the closest friends he's ever made, was a great time.

"There's a lot of friendships to be made," says Knight. "As well as leadership-building skills and teamwork. They helped teach us about RYLA and the stuff they do."

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