Rural residents of the RM of Portage la Prairie are looking forward to the election on October 26th with some concerns on their minds that they'd like to see addressed.  

This week's RM of Portage council meeting saw no councillors speaking up yet as to whether or not they're running for re-election, but here are some issues that are top of mind for some of its residents.

"Supporting the farming community," says one ratepayer. "Without them, this whole place is gone, right? So, that's what I would say is the main issue."

And another noted a factor about which they're concerned.

"Healthcare. It would be great if everyone could get a doctor that you could actually go and see," notes another. "That's probably one of the biggest issues we have, right? And keeping our small hospitals open is also important."

This past Monday, RM of Portage reeve Kam Blight announced that he's running for re-election on October 26th.