The RM of Portage la Prairie discussed internet connectivity in its meeting this week, and they hoped more areas would be online by now. 

Reeve Kam Blight brings us up to date.

"The chair of our fibre committee, Councillor Roy Tufford, just spoke of some challenges that the community of Oakville seen recently in surrounding areas with interruptions in service by RF Now's fibre optics," says Blight. "I don't have a full update on this, but I know that individuals have been impacted and RF Now has been trying to respond to rectify the issue."

He notes he's not sure at this point if the company has yet rectified the situation fully, but the disruptions in service were a problem. 

"I also do know that RF Now has been responding in a very timely fashion and, hopefully, they can get this all ironed out if it already hasn't," adds Blight. "The progress has been slow this year for us. There's a large demand on their services and it's been a bit of a challenging year with all the moisture and then the start to the season that we had. But they are going forward with some service connections."

Blight says council is looking forward to further updates from RF Now about future installations.