As many hit the books for the first time this past week, Red River College (RRC) Polytechnic Portage has already been at the grind since the end of August.

Regional Campus Manager Guy Moffat says that the past few weeks have been an excellent start to the year, and the Portage campus has 60 students on site right now.

"We're going to be adding a few more in October for the Educational System Program. Then this winter, starting in January, we're going to be introducing the Administrative Assistant Program along with the Introduction to Food Manufacturing Program, which is brand new to Red River College Polytechnic and was developed specifically for the industry around Portage la Prairie. We're also going to be offering a Health Unit Clerk Program and another intake of Health Care Aide Program."

The Portage Campus Manager stresses that it is vital for RRC to be engaged in speaking to businesses in town.

"It's a big interest, and it's very important to the President of Red River College, Polytech as well, Fred Meier, to make sure that he is connected to business and industry here."

Moffat notes that the introduction of some of the courses the school has implemented is in an attempt to answer the need for labour shortages and any gaps in the business industry that may come up.