The signs are set and the crews are ready. All that's left for Club Snow Inc. before they can hit the trails is... snow?

President Doug Atchison says they need a snowstorm to kick off 2024 to help them finally get on the trails this winter season. On top of that, they hope to see some colder weather to freeze the lakes around the Central Plains, but Atchison notes they have a Plan B if that doesn't happen soon.

"One of the rivers that we cross is the Whitemud River toward Lynch's Point," explains Atchison. "There have been years where we just were unable to cross the river so we can groom, basically, from both sides of the river by hauling the equipment on a truck and put up a danger sign on both sides."

While he hopes he won't need to do that this year, the club is at the mercy of Mother Nature as to when they can start travelling around the province. The club will continue to keep the trails clear in the hopes that snowmobiles will be out sooner than later.

"We cover a very large area, all the way from Spruce Woods, Portage la Prairie, Gladstone, St. Laurent, and St. Claude," says Atchison. "You'll see our small signs all over the countryside, especially at gravel roads."

While a lot of the work is completed, there's always a way to help out. He encourages anyone wanting to volunteer with Club Snow Inc. to send them a message on their Facebook Page.

As they wait to hit the trails, members will be selling raffle tickets for a new snowmobile. Tickets are $5, with $3 of each ticket sold going toward the club's expenses.

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