A couple of resolutions were made this week at the RM of Portage la Prairie council meeting to bring an end to certain regulations including one that's causing more problems than what it was intended to solve. 

Reeve Kam Blight explains that the federal and provincial governments must be informed of what is taking place throughout Manitoba concerning Diesel Exhaust Fluid (D.E.F.).

"The RM of Portage la Prairie is bringing forward a resolution to be debated at the June district meetings of AMM," says Blight. "We're asking the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to lobby the federal and provincial governments to change the requirements for D.E.F. These requirements were brought in essentially back in 2010 for medium to heavy-sized vehicles to have this component in there for diesel engines. All that we're finding in municipalities is that they create issues."

Blight explains the components are actually causing their vehicles to use more fuel, and experience a lot of downtime due to the complications with the system's electronics, which actually cripples the vehicle and equipment.

"It's rated for minus 15 degrees Celsius, and heaters are involved which tend to fail," continues Blight. "This renders our equipment absolutely useless. The largest downtime and repair costs that we're seeing with our equipment, whether it be graders, trucks, and excavators, are because of Diesel Exhaust Fluid-related issues. Further to that, in order for your highway tractor to pass safety tests, Diesel Exhaust Fluid units must be fully operational. We're asking the province of Manitoba to revisit the safeties to make that an optional choice for the individuals so that it should not impact the safetying of vehicles."

He notes this is forcing municipalities and various industries to use older equipment that is pre-D.E.F. 

"We firmly believe at our council that the D.E.F. is actually creating more issues than it's actually helping," adds Blight. 

Unless resolved, this is how taxpayer money is being wasted, and the RM wants to see that problem come to an end.


Resolution passed May 25, 2022:

WHEREAS Environment Canada mandated the use of selective catalytic reduction in diesel engines in 2010. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a requirement on medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines produced after 2010;

And whereas DEF creates additional upfront costs to trucks and consumes additional fuel;

And whereas DEF are prone to clogging causing many maintenance and repair issues and much downtime. These systems are complicated in design and a simple clogged filter can cause pressure and temperature differentials that can affect the whole performance of the engine;

And whereas DEF’s freezing point is -15 Celsius and not suitable for Manitoba winters;

And whereas fuel companies do not provide bulk DEF, creating environmental problems from the production and pollution of small containers;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that AMM lobby the Federal Government of Canada to make the DEF requirement optional on medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with diesel engines.