RM of Portage la Prairie CAO Nettie Neudorf saw her contract end last year for her role with the municipality. However, by the title with which we introduced her, you can see that she's still fulfilling that role. She explains she's working under a new contract until the RM can find a replacement.

"I'm going to be now moving into consulting for municipalities, supporting in the financial side," says Neudorf. "That's something that I've been already doing as an instructor for the University of Manitoba, and I'd like to expand that now, providing that service to municipalities directly."

She says she's excited about her new direction.  

Looking back at her time with the RM of Portage, she notes highlights include the attraction of industry into the area, and really making a difference on the commercial side. 

"Another one has been working with the council on smoothing some of the processes they have, and decision-making," adds Neudorf. "I was glad to work here and be part of seeing the 2011 and 2014 disasters put behind us, and having restored that. Then there's building the campground. I do believe that the municipality's in a better place than what it was ten years ago and I'm excited to be part of that." 

Neudorf adds she hopes for all the best for the municipality and will remain available even for them through contract. 

"I certainly am proud of the RM of Portage la Prairie, and it's been an honour to serve them in this way," notes Neudorf.