We should be able to drive over the new west-end overpass before this summer season is out. That's from Portage MLA Ian Wishart. 

He says reports from the contractor indicate that the construction of the severely damaged structure, which was put out of commission over ten years ago, is going quite well.

"Of course, we've had good construction season-type conditions. So, they are running ahead of expected deadlines and that's very positive, because you never know what the future is going to hold," says Wishart. "But, it's looking really good. Everyone can see the progress and we're looking forward to having it completed because I know it's very disruptive."

He notes this will allow some traffic to move around the city without using the roundabout.

"It won't be completely landscaped and the final version won't be done by this fall, but it will certainly operational, I guess, is the best way to put it," continues Wishart.  "We'll avoid having some of those real disruptions we've been seeing." 

Wishart says there is a second roundabout yet to be built and it will likely take some time.

"It's sort of local access for the businesses out there," adds Wishart. "That'll be one of the last things that is completed. The completed wrapped-up landscape will be done by next spring." 

The new overpass is higher than the previous one, and access below is also wider.

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