The 'Simplot People Helping People Radiothon' wrapped up on Friday and crossed a major milestone. Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) Executive Director Sharilyn Knox explains.

"We had a goal this year of $100,000 and Portage la Prairie and the Central Plains region met that goal. We passed it and we're completely thrilled."

The Radiothon was supported by many in the region, and Knox says it's through their supporters that CPCS can keep running.

"We just have to say, 'Thank you.' Our hearts are so full, and we're so grateful that people open up their wallets and help us. We don't receive any government funding, so everything we do is based on donations and fundraising events like this."

Pam Stinson, a local teacher for more than 30 years, has been on a 6-year cancer journey that now has a positive outlook. She shared why the work of CPCS is important in Portage.

"Central Plains Cancer Services has been invaluable to me through the ups and downs. They are fantastic. I have utilized a few of the programs including the drivers program. You can't say enough about that. I have a big support system and still needed to use it."

All told, the radiothon raised $108,003 in support of Central Plains Cancer Services.

PortageOnline would like to join Central Plains Cancer Services and thank everyone who helped achieve the radiothon's goals.