I once tried to teach my friend how to put the chain back on his bike, but he never seemed to figure it out. It must be sprocket science.

Bike riders in the community will be thrilled to learn that Red River College Polytech has secured a public bike repair station for anyone to use on their grounds, right outside their gym doors.

Guy Moffat, Campus Manager, says that the repair station will have a wide range of what you need, from wrenches and air pumps to everything in between.

"This is for anyone in Portage la Prairie. It's meant to complement the work that the Active Transportation group is doing in Portage to connect our city through bike lanes and paths."

File Photo.Guy Moffat, Campus Manager at Red River College Polytech.

Moffat adds that the Red River campus is an excellent spot for this station as it's in the city's heart.

"I'm really excited about it. I've been working with our sustainability department at Red River College, Polytech, for about a year in order to get a hold of this equipment and get it out to Portage la Prairie," he continues. "At one point in time, we were going to be getting a bike repair station that was being repurposed from one of the campuses, but this is a brand new bike repair station. I'm really happy that this is something that Red River College Polytech can do for the community."

Moffat notes that the equipment is cabled to the station, and bike riders should have no worries when using it.

"Any hour of the day, you can feel safe at the bike repair station because Red River College security will be watching through our security system at the campus."

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