Several in-person meetings were held over Beef and Forage Week throughout the Central Plains.

Livestock & Forage Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development, Shawn Cabak, says they held events in Eriksdale and Grandview on the 10th, Austin on the 11th, and Rosa on the 12th. PortageOnline chatted with Cabak after the Austin event.

"Yeah, it was a really good turnout from producers and Agri-business with displays," says Cabak. "We had a full agenda with a variety of topics and Agri-business updates from the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association, as well as Manitoba Beef Producers."

It was an all-day event where experts were invited to discuss latest news regarding research and production for beef and forage management.

"We had the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef with Kristine Tapley from Ducks Unlimited," says Cabak. "Bart Lardner from University of Saskatchewan talked about the benefits of cover crops to improve soil health and provide livestock forage. We had a cattle market update and outlook for 2023 from Brenna Grant of Canfax, and Deanne Wilkinson Manitoba's Agriculture Extension Veterinarian gave us an animal health update and covered 'Asked the Vet' type questions and topics."

Cabak says they are continuing their monthly StockTalk Webinar Series is continuing with the following dates:
January 13th - Beef and Forage Week Highlights
February 9th - Cattle Market 2023 Update / Prepping Calves for Sale
March 9th - Ask the Vet: Bull Soundness Evaluation / Bull Selection and Buying Tips
April 13th - Forage and Pasture Management

You can register to participate in StockTalk (or to watch later if you cannot watch live) by clicking here.

More people at the Austin event.