Laura Cote, a Portage la Prairie resident, is voicing her frustration and disappointment after discovering that her neighbourhood's Halloween decorations had been stolen and vandalized.

"For the last couple of weeks, we've noticed in our area in Portage here, we're on 1st St, and there were a lot of the decorations and lights and everything that has been stolen off properties right in front of the houses."

According to Cote, her house and three other houses on her street have all had their decorations taken.

"Then down 3rd St., my husband has a friend down there, and they have had a bunch of their decorations stolen out of their front yard as well."

File Photo.The Cote family.

Cote says her neighbourhood is usually very festive on holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and others, and her kids always look forward to it.

"It's just kind of a downer for the kids," she continues. "I've never had any incidents like that happen before down our street."

Admittedly not having the answer, Cote adds that she hopes something can be done to combat these kinds of actions.

"It just kind of brings the kids' spirits down knowing someone has been stealing all the decorations around town lately. We are just trying to do things for the kids to get them in that spirit of Halloween, and now it is just a little bit of a bummer for them."

Cote notes that she is starting the process of getting a security camera for her property.

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