The reports are in and when it comes to snowfall from around the region on Wednesday, it appears Portage got the most in the Central Plains. Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell says the average for the overall region seems to have been around 10 centimetres.

"There are a few places that are maybe 5 to 10, and then there are a few places that are more 10 to 15, and even just above that. The greatest hit areas, looking at ECC's weather data, is Brandon at 16 centimetres. But third-party websites -- volunteers and people who have posted things on social media networks -- show us Miami at 17.8."

Hasell adds, "We have a latecomer to the data. We now have an observation out of a volunteer site from, which is the community collaborative rain, hail, and snow network, and they have reported some snowfall depths of 20.8cm in Portage, Portage must have been under a band."

Normally, ECCC is only able to measure the liquid equivalent, which is from melting snow pellets and snow, and their CoCoRaHS site invites volunteers to submit actual snow depths. 

"Based on some of the data from, more or less, around there, somewhere around 10 centimetres looks reasonable, or 10 to maybe 15 for some parts of the Eastern Red River Valley. Winnipeg reported anywhere from 8 to 15, it looks like."

Snowfall amounts can be very tough to measure and can vary widely from one spot to another, especially when a gusty wind accompanies the event.