After a successful T-shirt sale in support of Ukraine, organizer Andrea Kalinowich is doing it again. 

She explains there's been some demand for more T-shirts.

Andrea KalinowichAndrea Kalinowich

"There were a number of people that reached out after our last campaign that we had and were inquiring if they were going to be able to order more T-shirts," explains Kalinowich. "So, I decided, basically, that if it was something that was going to give us the opportunity to raise more money for Ukraine, why not? Right now, we've got about 50 more ordered within a day, so we're hoping to get some more numbers and be able to give more money to the humanitarian need."

She says they sold over 300 the first time around and raised over $4,700. She hopes to repeat that total.

Kalinowich notes the first sum of money from that sale has already been directly sent to the country through the Canada Ukraine Foundation.

"The money is given to the humanitarian needs that are deemed to be the greatest at the time, and so just I want to stress that 100 per cent of any of the profits goes to directly to Ukraine and helps the people who need it the most," adds Kalinowich.

More informaiton can be found at their social media page by clicking here.