The Board of Trustees of the Portage la Prairie School Division presented their 2024-25 budget to the public on Thursday. 

A slide show was shown on how funds would be spent for the next school year to a crowd in the west gymnasium at Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI). 

Trustees noted that the budget still needed to be finalized, and changes could still come. However, they showcased a total revenue budget of $50,120,391.


  • Provincial - $27,830,492
  • City and RM Property Taxes - $19,803,899
  • First Nations - $2,250.000
  • Other - $236,000

Todd Cuddington, division superintendent, tells PortageOnline that there are still some finishing touches to be put on to the budget, but he is pleased with how it has all come together.

"The challenges that we're experiencing are that there is a collective agreement that's still being worked out between the Manitoba Teachers Society on behalf of all the divisions in the province through the Manitoba School Board Association. So, it's still an ongoing process. We are trying to budget for a lot of salary uncertainties, which is the biggest challenge that trustees are facing."

file photoTodd Cuddington, division superintendent.

Cuddington praised the board for their hard work on this budget, and he believes that they were able to put together some realistic projections on salary uncertainties, a portion of the budget that is 83 percent of all expenses. 

"We've been without a contract now for some time, so we have to create a budget with the idea that that might be resolved in the next fiscal year. And so a lot of it is projections. It's something that all divisions are struggling with because we're in the middle of the negotiation. It's hard to put a firm figure on where that might land."

According to Cuddington, capital expenses, maintenance upgrades, hiring extra staff, and technology were also significant parts of the budget.

In the presentation, trustees proposed a 3.8 per cent increase in the Mill Rate educational property levy, resulting in a home valued at $250,000, looking at an increase of $51, and a farm valued at $1,000,000, looking at an increase of $117. The province has stated that the 50 per cent educational property tax rebate will continue for ratepayers this fiscal year.

"I think the advantage we have is that the 50 per cent tax rebate is still in play. So, even though we are looking at a slightly higher than inflationary increase, that will be offset by the rebate that the province is continuing to offer," Cuddington continues. "I think the board has done a really admirable job trying to check all the boxes on our community needs, and overall, I think we've been able to come up with something that's fair and equitable for everyone." 

Anyone with questions or concerns about the budget is invited to the following two school board meetings on February 27 and March 12, where the budget could be passed and finalized.