Registration has started for the Portage Pitbulls tackle football program. The organization has teams in U10, U12, U14 and U16 divisions, and their camps are held every Sunday for the first four weeks of June.

Rachelle Michie, a board member with the Portage Pitbulls, says the program is set up to benefit everyone who wants to get involved.

"Football equipment would be very expensive; I think a football helmet alone is about $400. So, all the equipment is provided, so that's a big bonus. All you have to pay is your registration fees, and you get your helmet, pants, jerseys and shoulder pads."

She notes that the elimination of the equipment cost makes the camp more feasible for all families to try.

"With football, it's an easy sport to get into. We offer the camps in June, so you can come out and try football. You can meet the coaches, you can find out more information about what it's all about, because if your kid has a little bit of interest, you don't have to make that commitment right away. You can try it out, see what it's all about and meet everybody."

Michie adds that there are benefits to providing kids with not just the standard options, but also the opportunity to try new sports.

"We have the few popular sports. Everyone's kid has played soccer at one point, or hockey, and it's maybe not for every kid. So, it's nice to have options. My son, he is not a hockey player, and he couldn't really find his sport. Then he stumbled upon football, and this was his sport. He's super passionate about it. It's so good for kids to be part of a team sport, so it opens it up to a new sport out there, like an option for kids, which is very important."

The first camp begins Sunday, June 2, with each camp running from 6 to 7:30 p.m. To register your children, you must sign up before June 15. For more information, Rachelle says to message the Portage Pitbulls Facebook page.