City councillor Terrie Porter and Jocelyn LeQuier-Jobin, director of operations recently discussed the city's initiatives to improve road conditions, including the road pavement plan, pothole filling, and crack sealing. Both officials stressed the importance of public engagement in reporting road issues. 

Porter urged residents to stay alert and report any potholes they come across. She acknowledged that the city is nearing the completion of pothole repairs but advised against assuming that all potholes have been identified. To make reporting easier, the city has a dedicated website where residents can submit service requests for prompt assessment and repairs. You can visit it here.  

LeQuier-Jobin highlighted the city's maintenance efforts, such as the spring pothole program that addresses the seasonal influx of potholes caused by freezing and thawing. Additionally, cracked areas and heavily damaged sections receive regular maintenance and summer replacements. To prevent further deterioration, crack sealing is performed using a tar substance that seals the cracks and protects against water damage. 

These proactive measures extend the lifespan of roads and minimize the need for frequent, costly repairs. When roads reach a state where extensive patching becomes uneconomical, they are included in the city's pavement program. The program involves different stages of road rehabilitation, ranging from surface milling and resurfacing to complete reconstruction, including new bases, asphalt, and curbs. Road selection for the program considers factors like traffic volume and the impact of heavy vehicles. 

Responding to concerns about ongoing renovations on Saskatchewan Ave., Porter and LeQuier-Jobin assured the public that these renovations are separate from regular pothole filling and crack sealing operations. They are funded through alternate means and contracted to a separate entity, ensuring no disruption to regular maintenance activities. 

Both Porter and LeQuier-Jobin encouraged residents to play an active role in reporting road issues and directed them to the city's website for service requests related to potholes or road maintenance concerns. 

Portage la Prairie continues to prioritize road maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Collaboration between residents and city officials is vital in promptly identifying and resolving road-related issues.