As the snow has disappeared in Portage la Prairie, used needles and other sharps are becoming more noticeable for the Portage Bear Clan and MLA Jeff Bereza.

Bereza teamed up with the Bear Clan on May 31 to do their part to keep the streets clean. He says that the camaraderie of the group was one of the first things he noticed while on the walk.

"Everyone there is working together to beautify Portage and make it safer."

Bereza adds that while they unfortunately encountered some sharps strewn about our community, he was grateful that the Bear Clan knew how to dispose of them properly.

Bereza underlines the significance of his role as MLA, emphasizing that his commitment to the community extends far beyond his office desk.

"This is what makes it worth it, being in the constituency and working with people like the Bear Clan," says Bereza. "I'm seeing everybody wanting to work together to make Portage a little bit better."

Throughout his patrol with the Bear Clan, he also spoke with Portagers about issues they'd like him to take up with the rest of the legislative assembly. Bereza states he'd like to become a Bear Clan regular and intends to make it to more patrols throughout the summer months.