Looking back over 2022, some large projects started this past year in the City of Portage la Prairie including renewal work. Mayor Sharilyn Knox was elected this past October and shares some of last year's highlights.

She notes the election put a change and a different focus on things, but everyone got through it, and they’re excited to have a new council.

Knox says 2022 saw the renewal of Saskatchewan Avenue West begin and that was the last council’s number one priority. She explains it’s also a big project for next year as it continues.

She also notes how the crime problem in our city was a large part of many candidates’ platforms in the election as well as part of the new council’s focus.

“We’ve had some great things happen lately with our big project when we had the police coming in from all over the province,” says Knox. “But we’re actually going to be doing a Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan that starts in the new year. This will be exciting, and we’ll be giving out more information on that, for sure.”

Looking ahead to further efforts, she explains the new council members have been involved in some much-anticipated plans including the new hospital and other additions to the community.

“We were able to announce the new daycares,” adds Knox. “So, there are lots of exciting things, and I think this new council is in it for the right reasons, and we’ll be able to make some great plans and strides for the city.”

Knox adds her family headed out to St. John’s, NL, for the holidays and arranged to meet Mayor Danny Breen. She says she’s looking forward to discussing various issues that both cities experience, as well as enjoying the opportunity to meet another mayor.

“I just have been excited to meet a lot of new citizens recently, and look forward to 2023,” adds Knox. “On behalf of Council and the City of Portage, I just wish everyone a very Merry Christmas holiday and New Year’s season, how ever you celebrate, and we’ll see you in 2023.”