If you listen closely this winter, you may hear the sound of skates chewing up a backyard rink in the southeast part of the city.

That's due to the hard work of hockey dad Mark Nunn, who put the finishing touches on a rink for his son, Aiden, about two weeks ago.

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Mark says that getting everything set up is a lot of work but something he is proud to provide for his son.

"He's at the rink five times a week already, but this just gets him a little bit of fun time and away from the drills. He just enjoys it."

The hockey dad explains that a lot of time goes into this project, with the boards taking about five hours to set up and flooding taking up a solid 24-hour period.

"Lucky enough, we had a good flood. We didn't get any leaves or anything on the ice. We didn't get any snow. The ice turned out the best it's ever been."

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12- year-old Arthur Meighen student, Aiden, says that anytime he doesn't have organized hockey, he heads out on his backyard rink at night to get his touches in for about an hour.

"I enjoy having my buddies over because we can do mini one-on-ones," says the Jack Hughes fan. "It's just awesome to skate on, and I thank my parents for building the rink."

Mark notes that not getting to play the game in his youth makes him appreciate the experience with his son just a little bit more.