The Portage la Prairie Disc Golf Open is coming back in 2022 and many players are looking to take home some hardware.

The event will take place on Sunday, August 28th on Island Park.

Cody Buhler, Chair of Portage la Prairie Disc Golf Club, says they sold out very quickly this year.

"It feels great. It shows that people love coming to our tournament. We've been doing this for a bunch of years now, and every year afterwards, we have a lot of positive feedback, (players) saying how they're going to be coming back again," says Buhler. "I always have people asking me when does registration open and that's part of the reason it fills up so fast. There is quite a bit of demand for these tournaments in Manitoba."

He says the player limit has increased from when the tournament first began, due to the sport's increasing popularity.

"It's going to be 48 (players), so we actually have opened it up," says Buhler. "Years ago, we just played with the nine baskets that we have. Last year, we added three more holes. That allows us to have more disc golfers on the course at one time. We're going to have 12 baskets in total -- four (players) per hole to start. That's where we get the 48 from."

Every Tuesday night, the club gets together to play a round or two. If you are looking to take up the sport, Buhler says they'd love to have you. They are also selling Portage-themed discs that you can pick-up for 20 dollars each. You can find out more about the club at their Facebook page here.