BOSS Dance Academy is finding a way to provide something to do for their dancers as well as the rest of the community while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The organization set-up an online YouTube series of dance classes for anyone to enjoy.

Co-owner of BOSS, Bretton Selent, gives more details.

“We understand that families are stuck at home with no school going on and they’re looking for things to do,” says Selent. “We’ve come out with an online series where kids just have an opportunity to try some dance, learn, connect with us, and have some fun. We’re trying to be something positive in a time where it’s not so positive.”

The dance academy will stream the sessions live on its Instagram and YouTube channels at 6 p.m., on Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays. Each class is then kept for others to view whenever they choose to - on YouTube as well.

He talks about the types of classes you can expect to see.

“We have ballet classes, we have hip-hop classes, flagging classes, we did a Tik-Tok class last week,” says Selent. “It’s just a chance to goof off and have some fun, not all of it is going to be super hard, some of it will be really easy. One of our instructors will be doing a Macarena technique class. It’s just an opportunity to get kids active, get people moving at home, and keep them engaged.”

Youtube page link click here.