The community connections coordinator for the Portage Learning and Literacy Centre (PLLC) is excited to be helping out newcomers to the city.

Cassandra Wilson says a lot of the content she works on is designated toward kids as her previous job had her working as a settlement worker for schools. She mentions she loves working with the women in the community, especially.

"I'm looking for volunteers right now," says Wilson. "For our tech for seniors, and of course, for all of these programs for our newcomer families. We could always use a helping hand, so if anybody wants to, you can just send us an email."

She adds she's slowly starting to branch out with her projects, including beginning to work with seniors in the community. Despite that, she still loves to work with children who are new to the city.

She speaks on an event taking place next week that she's really excited about.

"I've invited, from the Portage Friendship Centre, an elder named Deborah Beaulieu," explains Wilson. "(She's) going to join us next Saturday. She's also going to teach some songs, teach a few cultural practices, such as smudging, and more."

She says since she's a Manitoban, she's familiar with the Indigenous side of the community but understands that not everyone has the same experiences. She says having an elder attend will do wonders for teaching newcomers.

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