MacGregor Collegiate Institute (MCI) classrooms will look pinker than usual today.

Pink Shirt Day, in a nutshell, is designed to inspire moments of kindness, empathy and understanding, which can mean so much to those impacted by bullying.

Principal of MCI, Kyle McKinstry, says that the school is going above and beyond to raise awareness about bullying by hosting students through bullying prevention and mental health awareness activities.

"Our mission statement essentially states that we foster an educational community in which all members learn, and in order for that mission statement to be authentic, we must continue to strive to ensure that our school community is a safe place."

McKinstry adds that he wants MCI to develop students into kind, caring, compassionate and resilient people, a narrative that Pink Shirt Day fits.

"In order for our students to function, they must see their challenges as opportunities. They need to reflect on what they've done each day and the challenges that they've encountered. They need to see those as learning opportunities and not just failures. Our students need to find joy in themselves overcoming obstacles."

The Principal notes that 175 students and 30 staff are at the school, and he hopes to see every single one of them wearing some kind of pink at school today.