Students in Portage la Prairie are learning about broadcasting in Grade 12.

Portage Collegiate Institute Teacher Shane Sobkowich explains the class.

"This is actually a relatively new course," says Sobkowich. "Only a couple of years now have we had Documentary and Film Production. It's a 40 level, or grade 12, course. The primary goal of this course is to cover the fundamentals and essential skills for creating a documentary or short film."

He says it's entry-level videography or editing, with 60 per cent of the course using editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, with the other 40 per cent on production, including filming on location on or off-campus. Sobkowich says this year is the third time they've taught the course. This year is seeing the largest class so far, and it appears it's growing, perhaps due to awareness that it exists in the school.

Sobkowich says it's the third course in the video program and is getting more interest from students in grade ten and eleven. He notes they're always trying to find out what's going on in the industry and keep in close touch with Assiniboine Community College to keep up to date with what they're developing and building on. Sobkowich adds this helps him prepare the students for that kind of program they can enter after high school.

Colton Maly is one of the students and says, "I like it. It's a good course. I haven't done the other courses, but I have worked with Adobe Premiere Pro at home. So, I do know how to work the program."

Another student, Jonah Meeches, adds, "I really like this class. I'm learning a lot almost every day. I really enjoy working with the software more than filming."

Travis Eilers says he took the grade eleven class of the course, making this his second year.

"I really enjoy it because it gives us time to, not only learn how to do work on the cameras but also, give us a chance to work with Adobe Premiere Pro," notes Eilers. "I feel this would be good to have in case you need to do interviews (in your career) as well."