Portage Collegiate Institute in Portage la Prairie was closed this morning due to a threat. Superintendent Todd Cuddington explains the Portage la Prairie School Division issued a letter explaining to the families that a threat to the school was made on social media.   

"We had received information on the threat that came in from the RCMP," says Cuddington. "It's something that had been posted on a social media outlet and indicated a potential threat to the school. So, just out of an abundance of caution, we chose to cancel classes for this morning to allow for the RCMP to investigate the threat. Subsequently, they determined that the threat was a hoax based on the young age of the person that had posted it. So, we'll be resuming classes as normal in the afternoon, so starting at 1:22 on November 22nd, today period 5, students will return."

He notes they, unfortunately, cannot take these situations lightly, although it may seem obvious to be a hoax. 

"Just to protect the students and staff, that's the reason for the decision that was made," adds Cuddington. 

He says he's unable to comment on the nature of the threat, and the RCMP will follow-up and determine what the next course of action will be.