Portage Collegiate Institute has welcomed Jason Green who will fill the role of Career Development Coordinator for the Portage la Prairie School Division. The position is currently held by Blair Hordeski who announced his departure that is taking place after this school term.

"It's actually working out really well. Blair's been great to work with," says Green. "The nice part about the way the transition is working is that the School Division has given me an opportunity to work with Blair periodically between January and June. Basically, he's kind of given me an opportunity to connect with some community members and get a connection with some of the kids."

He explains he looks at the position as an opportunity to do Hordeski's work.

"He's put in a lot of time to building the program," continues Green. "He started around nine years ago, I believe. And I think at the time that he started, there might have been one or two students doing apprenticeship work in our school. He's grown the program to have 30 to 35 students annually. My hope is to, at the very minimum, maintain the work that he's done, and hopefully even make it grow bit."

After having started in January, he's worked a day or two each week and his load is becoming more "High school heavy."

"I'm working with a couple of other schools in the division helping as needed. It's mostly numeracy support but maybe some counselling supports, as well. This is exclusive to this six-month period. I will be a full-time Career Development Coordinator as of September."

Green recounts his past experience saying he was Principal at St. Paul's Collegiate in Elie. He also worked at Portage Collegiate as a physical education teacher and a math teacher several years ago.

"I did five years of guidance counselling here before leaving the Portage School Division and joining with Prairie Rose. So, that was back in 2016. I learned of Blair's retirement and it seemed like a really great opportunity to return to the Portage Division. I applied and was successful."

He adds he has nothing but good to say about his previous position in Prairie Rose School Division and is really excited about this opportunity and where it could lead.