The Portage Terriers are opening their preseason schedule tonight at Stride Place and it's clear it's not just the players who are excited for hockey to come back.

Marketing Director Cody Buhler says he is ready to call some games and have some fun this season. Over the weekend, the Terriers held their training camp and Buhler says he liked what he saw.

"Well, it was great to see everybody back at camp this weekend. The guys were looking good. I know a lot of them had been on the ice over the past couple of weeks and months, getting ready for this training camp," says Buhler. "I think everybody is ready to hit the ground running here in the exhibition."

Buhler has been talking to season ticket holders and fans who have been waiting to come back to the games. He says optimism is high in Portage for a successful season.

"Everybody is excited to be back at the rink. Everybody is looking to get back to normal and having a lot of fans back in the building again," says Buhler. "Obviously, we know last year was kind of a rebuilding year. This year, we've got a lot of new faces, a lot of guys who've been brought in from all across the country. We're really looking forward to getting things going again."

Buhler says he is excited to do what he can to fill the building, saying he hopes to see many fans tonight. He also wants to see Stride Place fill up for the home-opener on September 18th. You can read more about their Gigantic 50/50 and their Geno Romanow Memorial Par 3 Challenge at