The citizens of Oakville had their knowledge tested on Friday at the old community hall. Residents of Oakville and nearby communities were invited to join the festivities to help fundraise for the new community hall, which is almost completed. Karen Olafson, a volunteer for the fundraising committee, shared how many times they have done a trivia night.

"We had one, I believe, before COVID, maybe two, and we've had two since, so I think this is our fourth one, and it's gotten bigger every year."

There were 13 teams present for the event, and Olafson says that everyone was having fun.

"You could hear people enjoying themselves at their tables, having fun answering the questions, 'oohs' and 'ahs' as you're giving the answers out. I think it was a great night."

Liz Botterill, a member of Team Cana-Duh, said it was a great way to spend an evening.

"We're just a random group of people who wanted to have a good time and if we did well, great. If we didn't, oh well. It's just about supporting communities and getting out together."

Botterill also says she's excited to see the money raised go to an important project for the town.

"A lot of effort's been put in by the community at large. It's just really exciting to see that it's so close to being open," she added. "We're so excited to also have a daycare in town. It would've been great when our daughter was little, it would've been great for before-and-after-school care, and I'm just so happy that younger families are going to have that."

In total, the event brought in over $1,800 for the new community hall, which is expected to open in the near future.