Oakville School recently submitted a request for a PortageOnline staff member to pay a visit to their Grade 6 and 7 classes to give a presentation on what it's like to be a news reporter on the radio. Student teacher Rhys Fletcher organized the event and said the students are learning about news writing and reporting.

"I thought it would be really interesting to look at the different roles in the newsroom. And the kids were really engaged. They enjoyed it and I think they were all excited to learn what people did and the opportunities that they might be able to have in the future."

Rhys FletcherStudent teacher Rhys Fletcher

PortageOnline presented what inspired the news crew to become news reporters, how teamwork plays out in the newsroom, and what significant stories and events happened in our careers. The students heard about the tragic and sad Carberry crash where numerous seniors lost their lives, as it was a scene where news crews were broadcasting the story to the whole world. A satellite radio company from Toronto contacted our reporter who was interviewed about witnessing the site, and a news company in England broadcast a video that was made as well.


It was explained how we had photos and video footage from the devastation of the tornado in Long Plain First Nation in 2016 when a house was removed from its foundation, and vehicles were upside down in the community. News agencies from the US requested the video.

Logan WollmannLogan Wollmann

Grade 6 student Logan Wollmann shares his reaction.

"It was fun to learn more about it. We're going to be doing a lot more about news. It was just fun to do and it's better than math."

When asked whether or not he'd like to be a newsman one day, Wollmann responded, "I'll see. I might be a hockey player, though. I thought it was pretty interesting that you guys don't touch on Winnipeg. I thought you did. It was fun to just listen about what it's like to be a news reporter."

Wilfred WhiteWilfred White

Grade 7 student Wilfred White says he honestly felt the presentation was inspiring.

"Like now, I want to be a news reporter for some reason. That's what I have to say about it, though. I think the whole work process is pretty exciting to hear about. I thought it was just some dude sitting in a room speaking all day long, I hate to say."