The community of Oakville received a large donation from Homestead Co-op this week to fund their new Community Hall. The building is nearing completion, and Oakville Community Club President Eric DeLong says it's a source of pride for the town.

"I think we're just proud that we've built somethig here that's going to be able to keep the community going for decades to come. These are the kind of facilities you need to have a small town continue to thrive, and we're hopeful we've done that with this."

The donation from Homestead Co-op comes in the form of $30,000, and DeLong says that comes at an ideal time.

"We thought we had it more-or-less funded, and the project came back quite a bit more expensive than planned, so we're back on the fundraising trail here. We're over 90 per cent of the way there, but we just need to keep fundraising to get the project fully paid for. We don't want to saddle the community with any debt on this project when it's done."

In a media release from Homestead Co-op, General Manager Trent Schidlowsky shared their perspective on why this project is important.

"At Homestead Co-op, we believe in the power of co-operative efforts and enhancing community life. The Oakville Community Centre will serve as a great place for social interaction, recreational pursuits, and childcare, enriching the lives of residents for generations. We are proud to support this endeavour and look forward to witnessing its transformative effects."

In honour of the donation, the building's kitchen will be named the Homestead Co-op Community Kitchen.

The building will also be home to a daycare centre, with many spots already reserved.