In a heartwarming gesture of community support, Rona has made a $50,000 donation to the Oakville Community Centre project. Eric DeLong, President of the Oakville Community Club, shared this exciting news and emphasized its immense impact. 

“They have been a huge supporter of the community for a long time.” DeLong said, “Every dollar counts, as any fundraising group will, so you get something like this that really moves the needle it is very much appreciated.”  

The Oakville Community Centre, currently under construction, will house a multipurpose hall and daycare, becoming a central hub for Oakville residents. All funds raised are dedicated to the center's construction, with rising costs in recent years. Rona's contribution helps keep the project on track. Construction began in June, with an expected completion date in the second quarter of the following year. 

DeLong conveyed immense appreciation for Rona's support and their anticipation of continued community support to complete the project within the next six months. This partnership showcases the positive impact of businesses in communities like Oakville. 

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