Kathryn Dalton is a community engagement coordinator for United Way in Central Plains. Her work covers Portage la Prairie and she moved here at the start of August. Dalton explains the United Way Brandon has incorporated Portage la Prairie in its jurisdiction and weighs in on the changes as well as what remains the same.

"The most important thing that everyone should know, is that local funds will stay local myself," notes Dalton. "Megan Romphf and I will make sure that we're out in the community, we're supporting the members of this community, and the various organizations that do good work, and will continue to do good work here."

She notes she always excited to get involved locally when she moves into a new community. 

"This seemed like a great opportunity to reopen our doors and re-establishing our place here," continues Dalton. "I'm a Canadian military spouse, so I'm, sort of, from all over at this point. Home is where our feet are. We're excited to be here. It's been great.
Everyone's been very friendly and welcoming to us."

She adds there might be some confusion with the Brandon title with the United Way, but they're in the same office space for those with any questions. 

One of her first steps in her new role here included a visit to the Coffee with Candidates event on Monday held by the Portage la Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce. 

"It's great to have an opportunity to come in person and meet our local representatives to be able to see how they will impact this community," notes Dalton. "It's important to be able to see the candidate if you've got. It's nice to have the opportunity to come in person, meet them, and ask any questions that you might have."

She adds Portage's future looks bright with these candidates, noting she feels they have a lot to offer Portage.


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