With temperatures dropping and the beginning of flu season starting, it is important to get insights from professionals. 

Shannon Huyber, a staff pharmacist at Hills Pharmacy, speaks about staying healthy during flu season and managing COVID-19 concerns. She has some valuable advice for the community. 

"If you're sick, stay home." Huyber explains. "If you can't stay home, put on a mask if you're going to be out with other people to protect those around you."

Huyber says it's not common to confuse flu, cold, and COVID-19, but the symptoms can overlap. Free COVID-19 tests are available at pharmacies to help clarify.  

Local pharmacies are providing flu shots, so schedule an appointment early due to high demand. 

"If you haven't had your flu shot yet and you would like a flu shot, get in touch with your local pharmacist," Huyber notes. "Because I know they're all busy doing flu shots. They're taking people and have appointments made like crazy. We just got in our latest round of vaccines for COVID and flu, and I believe we're booking next week and the week after at this point."  

For severe symptoms, she suggests seeking medical advice from your doctor, a hospital, or a same-day clinic. 

During flu season, be vigilant for signs like coughing, runny nose, congestion, and fever. 

Local pharmacies are booking appointments for flu shots. Contact your local provider to schedule yours. 

By following this advice and getting your flu shot, you can protect yourself and your neighbours.