Mom Prom is taking place again in Portage la Prairie. For the second year in a row, the Family Resource Centre is holding the event after having taken it over from church groups in the area. 

Executive director Melissa Morrison notes it's an opportunity for moms stepmoms, grandmas, and any woman who is in a motherly role. If you're a dog mom, you even qualify!

"It's just a chance to get together and celebrate that unique stage of life," explains Morrison. "We're all in the challenges, the joys, and all of that kind of fun stuff, and just have a good time together. It's going to be held this year at the Glesby Centre on April the 6th, and more information and tickets should be coming out soon."

She says their goal is to empower women, but they do hope it will become their annual fundraising event.  Morrison outlines the emphasis they have on grants and fundraising efforts to help them continue to offer and do all the things that they provide. 

"It means a lot to us to have the community support us and come out to the event. When you walk in, you'll be greeted, if you decide to purchase a VIP ticket, with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic champagne. You'll get a little gift. There's kind of a hallway of photo opportunities, lots of food, music, dancing, and a bar; all that kind of fun stuff. It's a great chance to dance, have fun with your girlfriends, or just come chat, network, and socialize -- all those kinds of things."

Morrison says their theme this year is joining in on the T. Swift excitement. They're calling the evening, "My Mom Era."

"We come dressed up and all that kind of thing," adds Morrison. "Women will wear anything from just a cocktail dress they pulled out of their closet. Some women go all out and they'll do a theme with their girlfriends. We've had people coming in '80s outfits, ball gowns, and wedding dresses. Anything goes!"


Video of last year's event: