Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) held a Dry Bean Tour this week at AAFC'S Research and Development Centre in Morden.

Manitoba Agriculture Pulse Specialist Dennis Lange's presentation focused on the regional variety trials.

"We're at the Morden Research Station here and that is one the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers variety trials that we run for dry beans. That's one of four locations that we have in the province. The classes that we grow are navys, blacks, pintos, kidneys, crans, and we have some great northerns as well as some yellow beans in this mix as well. Very nice looking site. Even at this time of the year, we're seeing some differences between the different varieties. Some varieties have a bit more bacterial blight and common blight in there. You can really pick those out right now."

Lange commented on the overall goal of the trials.

"Eventually we want to get yield data, that's the key element of this trial, is getting yield data off of it. Some of the other things we look as well, is we look at disease tolerance. Things like bacterial blight and white mould susceptibility. We also look for other things such as any root rot issues. Typically these sites are pretty good, but if you do see something in the trial that is of concern, then we can identify that early. These trials are regional trials so this is what the grower gets to see and data that is provided off this trial actually gets used as supplemental data when it comes to registering your varieties as well. Typically co-op data is used as their main source, but regional data can be used as extra support to help get a variety registered."

Data will be available in the next edition of Seed Manitoba and the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Variety Guide.